"Gathering in the theater, inheriting the patriotic spirit" Youyi Feinuo Umbrella Industry Launches Patriotic Movie Watching Activities to Celebrate "March 8th"

In order to celebrate the annual "March 8" International Working Women's Day, harmonious corporate culture, showing humanistic care, enriching female workers' amateur cultural activities, caring for female workers' physical and mental health, and letting female compatriots spend an unforgettable relaxed and happy time. "March 8th" Women's Day, on the afternoon of March 8th, Youyi Feinuo Umbrella Industry Party, Workers, Youth League and Women's Federation launched a "March 8th" movie viewing event with the theme of "Gathering in Cinemas and Inheriting the Patriotism". The company organized Nearly 80 female cadres and party members reserved a venue to watch the popular patriotic sci-fi movie "The Wandering Earth" to celebrate the festival in a healthy and beneficial way.

All female cadres and party members put down their busy work, stopped their hurried steps on weekdays, and gathered in Songxia Xiaomin Cinema. The film tells the story that the sun is about to be destroyed and is no longer suitable for human survival. In the face of desperation, human beings will start the "Wandering Earth" plan, trying to escape the solar system with the earth and find a new home for mankind. In the film, in the frozen snow and lifeless environment, when rescue teams from other countries felt that there was no hope of giving up on saving the earth, only the Chinese rescue team was not afraid of hardships and launched a life-and-death battle against time. In time, tense and exciting disaster and rescue scenes are always displayed. The female cadres watched the whole process and held their breath, always sweating for the Chinese rescue team. When they finally detonated Jupiter and pushed Jupiter away from the earth, they were relieved.

During the viewing process, everyone was amazed by the skillful shots, the intense plot and the special effects. "The Wandering Earth" shows the love and hope on the road to save the earth with shocking sci-fi effects, opening a door for domestic hard sci-fi movies. After watching the movie, everyone said that this is an innovative sci-fi movie, and the spirit of unity, innovation, dedication and fraternity has greatly inspired everyone.

Through this movie viewing activity, all female cadres and party members can feel the spirit of patriotism and the key to teamwork. From the beginning to the end of the story, the Chinese rescue team from wanting to give up to picking up hope, the mutual cooperation and the spirit of not being afraid of hardships among the team members, this team spirit is worth learning! At the same time, we must protect our earth, not just blindly asking for it, but also be kind to the environment and be grateful for the environment!

Time is always short. In the warm time of early spring, all the female compatriots spent a healthy, harmonious, happy, warm, unforgettable, intense, exciting and meaningful "March 8th" Women's Day. While alleviating work pressure and relaxing mood, everyone has also enhanced friendship, so that female cadres can feel the joy of the festival and the care and warmth of the party, workers, and women's organizations, and enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the company's staff team, so as to make them more Full of enthusiasm, the best state into the work.

In the new year, we will further adhere to the unified leadership of the CPC Central Committee with General Secretary Xi Jinping as the core, adhere to the "Four Self-confidences", never forget our original aspiration, forge ahead, work hard in ordinary positions, and overcome difficulties. Give your own strength.

The company also presents "March 8th" gifts to all female employees every year. This year is no exception. Summer is coming soon. We will give each female worker two sun umbrellas to protect against the sun. I wish the female workers more and more young and beautiful!