"Party Building Pairs, Service Links" Youyi Feinuo Party Branch and Shangyu District Taxation Bureau Party Committee carry out government-enterprise pairing assistance activities

In order to solidly promote the party building work of the company's party branch and promote the government-enterprise pairing activities, on the afternoon of March 28, 2019, the party branch of Zhejiang Youyi Feinuo Umbrella Co., Ltd. and the Shangyu District Taxation Bureau Party Committee party building government-enterprise pairing assistance activities were held in Friendship Philippines. The conference room of the party building was held solemnly. More than 30 party members from the two party committees gathered together, which opened the prelude to the new year's government-enterprise paired construction. The relevant leaders of the Songxia Town Party Committee also participated in the event.


At the symposium, Lv Miaofen, secretary of the party branch of Youyi Feinuo Umbrella Industry, introduced the basic situation and development of the party branch of the company's party branch, the 2019 party branch work plan and themed party day activity plan, and the basic situation of the company to the leaders and all party members. And development and some major achievements of the company in recent years. Secretary Lv said that it is necessary to enrich the connotation of pairing and co-construction, relying on the "theme party day" and "three meetings and one lesson" activities, enrich the party day activities of the party branch of non-public enterprises, and stimulate the vitality of the party organization.

Chen Yingxin, director of the Shangyu District Taxation Bureau, introduced the basic situation and development of the party building work of the party committee of the district taxation bureau, the organization of the party committee, the basic tasks of the organization, the working mechanism, the development of organizational life, the construction of the party branch, the three meetings and one lesson and other party members' learning activities It also expressed that it is necessary to take the opportunity of pairing and joint construction to strengthen the leadership of party building, highlight political functions, and enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of party member management.

Songxia Town Party Committee Member Chen Jiajing, on behalf of the Songxia Town Party Committee, thanked the Party Committee of the District Taxation Bureau and the Youyi Feinuo Party Committee for their party building pairing and assistance activities, and thanked the Tax Bureau Party Committee for their support, guidance and concern for the Youyi Feinuo Party building work. Youyi Feinuo is actively working To create a "five-star and double-strength" unit, the foundation for the establishment of the two new parties is relatively good. We must earnestly seize this opportunity, combine the "five-star double-strength", carry out the work of party building pairings, carry out more activities for common prosperity and progress, and build two The new enterprises are paired with demonstration bases, standardized and characterized, so as to further exert the demonstration benefits and make the company better and higher. At the same time, he also said that for the next stage of the pairing work, the Songxia Town Party Committee fully supports and participates, and does a good job in the pairing work of Songxia Town's party building.


Then, the Party Committee of the District Taxation Bureau provided one-to-one counseling to Youyi Feinuo in terms of "preferential corporate tax policy", that is, "tax reduction and fee reduction" policy, etc. The doubts about tax reduction and fee reduction have allowed enterprises to truly enjoy the services of tax authorities at zero distance, and achieved good results.


After the meeting, the Party Committee of the District Taxation Bureau and the company's party members entered the workshop, the company's party building culture exhibition hall and product exhibition hall to make a pop-up policy publicity allegro video, and took a group photo in front of the exhibition hall to draw a successful conclusion for this party building, government-enterprise pairing assistance activity. period.


By carrying out government-enterprise pairing and joint construction activities, it has provided a good platform for both parties to learn and exchange. Based on the principle of "promoting party building through co-construction, promoting complementarity through co-construction, and promoting development through co-construction", the two sides will further enhance the effectiveness of pairing and co-construction, and realize a new pattern of "resource sharing and complementary advantages".