Youyi Feinuo held the "Production and Operation of Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvement" Thematic training

In order to better promote the implementation of the company's cost reduction and efficiency increase, and gradually improve the lean awareness of "eliminate waste, reduce costs, continue to improve, and improve efficiency" in the production sector, on the afternoon of July 9, Youyi Feinuo held a multi-functional meeting on the first floor. More than 40 employees including the company's business center, the head of the production department and the workshop section chief attended the training session. This training focuses on three modules: cost reduction and efficiency increase, production and operation methods, and waste reduction.


All departments and workshops have further clarified the necessity and urgency of the company to carry out lean production, and should be guided by "reducing costs, reducing expenses, increasing efficiency and increasing benefits", taking this training as an opportunity, combined with the actual situation of each department and workshop According to the situation, find an applicable, executable, and implementable cost reduction and efficiency increase plan, so that the company's "cost reduction and efficiency increase" can be implemented.