"Cherish life, stay away from fire" Youyi Feinuo actively carries out fire safety knowledge training

In order to effectively strengthen the company's fire safety management, popularize fire safety knowledge, improve employees' awareness of safety precautions, enhance employees' self-protection ability, master the ability to escape from fire, and ensure the safety of employees' lives and company property, April 20, 2019 at 1 pm , Zhejiang Youyi Feinuo Umbrella Co., Ltd. specially invited the provincial safety training lecturer and registered safety engineer Mr. Zhang Linxiang to carry out a fire safety knowledge training with the theme of "cherishing life and staying away from fire" for the company's employees. More than 150 management personnel of the company participated in the training.


Mr. Zhang's lectures are flexible and vivid. Through PPT, he discusses several major issues such as how to check fire safety hazards, how to correctly report fire alarms, how to fight initial fires, how to use fire extinguishers, and how to properly escape, through some major domestic fires in recent years. The case and the shocking pictures at the scene were explained, and the causes and serious hazards of the fire were analyzed, several misunderstandings of escape choices that are easy to occur in the fire, the methods of self-rescue and escape, and how to deal with the fire in the first time. A series of common knowledge of fire safety , and gave an in-depth explanation of the importance of firefighting facilities, safety exits, and evacuation channels in the company. Subsequently, Mr. Zhang interpreted the "Nine Regulations on Enterprise Safety Production Emergency Management", emphasizing the importance of the "Nine Regulations on Emergency Management". The whole training has achieved good results.


Through this training, all managers, especially workshop managers, have a better understanding of fire safety knowledge, and at the same time, they have further enhanced their awareness of fire safety prevention and responsibility, deepened their understanding of fire hazards, and mastered fire prevention measures and methods. The emergency treatment method after a fire has improved the fire prevention and emergency treatment capabilities, provided a more solid guarantee for the smooth development of the company's production safety work, and laid a solid foundation for ensuring the safety of employees' lives and the company's property.