Youyi Feinuo launched "emergency rescue, health knowledge" training seminar

On the afternoon of June 24th, Youyi Feinuo Umbrella Industry invited teachers from Zhejiang Puwei Health Education Center to carry out "emergency rescue, health knowledge" training seminars for employees. More than 50 employees of the company attended the lecture.


The teacher explained in detail the knowledge of CPR first aid such as artificial respiration, chest compression, drowning, fainting, electric shock, etc. He also explained Heimlich's first aid methods such as foreign body infarction in the respiratory tract and food stuck in the throat. He also used a dummy to simulate and demonstrate Cardiopulmonary resuscitation was performed, and employees were invited to practice operations, so that each employee not only understood the knowledge of self-rescue and mutual rescue, but also learned a lot of professional on-site first aid knowledge, mastered the basic knowledge and skills of self-rescue and mutual rescue, enhanced self-protection awareness, and improved Employee safety quality and emergency handling ability play an active role in ensuring the life safety of employees.


Through this lecture, the employees present said that they have benefited a lot and are very practical. They not only mastered basic emergency first aid knowledge, but also learned health knowledge, and also learned about the prevention of some diseases, which improved everyone's health awareness and awareness of health knowledge. Its importance to oneself also plays an active and effective guiding role in relieving work and life pressure and shaping one's own health and physique, so as to achieve a situation where everyone attaches importance to health and pays attention to health.