Youyi Feinuo conducts office software skills training

In order to further enhance the company's employees' ability to use common office software proficiently, improve the basic office skills of employees, and improve work efficiency and the overall quality of the team, on the afternoon of May 28, 2022, Youyi Feinuo Umbrella Industry will be on the first floor of the multi-functional hall and the first floor. The conference room is divided into two classrooms to carry out the professional skills training of office software. This training is a special office software training session of "Shaoxing City Federation of Trade Unions for Job Transfer and Reemployment Staff Employment Skills Training". There are three major courses of EXCLE, Word and PP production. The second session was EXCLE. We specially invited Mr. Lv Feng and Shou Yingjie, who majored in Computer Science from the Basic Teaching Department of "Zhejiang Agricultural Commerce and Trade Vocational College", to explain some convenient, efficient, practical and effective operations in the WPS office software to the employees of the company, which were warmly welcomed by everyone. , a total of 85 management personnel of the company participated in this training.


In this training, two teachers conducted targeted training on the application and operation of EXCLE software. Using years of teaching and practical experience, they focused on explaining table making, merging, separating, formulas, filtering, functions, shortcut keys, data optional, etc. in EXCLE software, and also talked about absolute data, data validity, The application of pivot table, chart making, etc., from the simple to the deep, gives a detailed explanation of the operations commonly used in daily work and learning. Office software is a necessary functional skill for company managers. Quickly learning and using office software can significantly improve work efficiency, and lay a solid foundation for better, faster and more efficient promotion of daily work and improvement of work quality.