New year and new journey, to the original heart, to fight the dream Youyi Feinuo won the Shaoxing Mayor Quality Award

At the beginning of the new year, Vientiane is renewed. The past 2021 has been a year full of challenges, but also a year full of harvest!

Zhejiang Youyi Feinuo Umbrella Co., Ltd., under the leadership of Chairman Lv Miaofen, has practiced the Zhejiang spirit of "doing practical work, walking in the forefront, and standing in the forefront of the tide", and has achieved good results.

With the strong support of party committees and governments at all levels and the support of people from all walks of life, Youyi Feinuo won the "2021 Shaoxing Mayor Quality Award" and "Shaoxing City" on the occasion of the New Year in 2022 through its own innovation and development. 2021 Outstanding Contribution Award for Reform, Opening-up, Innovation and Development", "Quality Benchmark" Typical Enterprise in China's Daily Sundries Industry in 2021, and 2021 Zhejiang Province "Specialized, Specialized, Special and New" Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and other honorary titles.

In order to further improve the quality management level of the enterprise, on the basis of winning the Shangyu District Mayor's Quality Award, the company established in early 2020 the mayor of Shaoxing City, with Chairman Lv Miaofen as the team leader, general manager He Jinfei as the deputy team leader, and heads of various departments as members. The Quality Award Creation Leading Group, through the organization and leadership of the chairman and the general manager and the efforts of all relevant departments, successfully applied for the materials of the Mayor Quality Award. After reviewing, user satisfaction evaluation and comprehensive evaluation, it finally successfully won this award.

On the road full of thorns and flowers, Feinuo people go all out to create a new situation of high-quality development of the enterprise, achieve new achievements, and show a new atmosphere!