Our holiday - Youyi Feinuo Launches Flower Arrangement Activities to Celebrate "March 8th" Women's Day

In order to celebrate the "March 8th" Women's Day, let the female employees use their own skill and wisdom to feel the charm of flower arrangement art, enjoy the happiness brought by the flower arrangement, beautify the soul, cultivate the sentiment, and promote the work more happily. All female employees have a healthy, harmonious, happy, warm, unforgettable and meaningful festival. Youyi Feinuo Umbrella Industry launched the "March 8th Women's Day" flower arrangement in the multi-functional hall on the first floor of the company on the afternoon of March 7, 2022. , 76 female workers and cadres participated in the event.

At 3:30 p.m. that day, the activity was organized in ten groups in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. The scene of the activity was full of flowers, and it was a warm and harmonious scene. Under the explanation of the flower art teacher, the female employees devoted themselves to the flower arrangement activities. Combining the characteristics and aesthetic tastes of the flowers in their hands, starting from cutting leaves, composition and layout, they discussed their experiences with each other from time to time, and kept trying and improving Practice is very busy. After more than an hour of hands-on practice, pots of colorful, novel and creative flower arrangements were displayed in front of everyone, which was pleasing to the eye. After the evaluation of the flower art teacher, each group of the most beautiful flower arrangements will be given a big red rose as a reward. The female employees admired the works they made with their own hands, and their faces were filled with joyful smiles and flowers blended with each other.


After the flower arrangement, the company also distributed gifts for the "March 8th" festival to all female employees, so that the female employees once again felt the company's full love for everyone.

The launch of this flower arranging activity allows everyone to release pressure, relax, find a sense of accomplishment from the works, and shorten the distance from communication and interaction. Let the female employees spend a happy "March 8th" festival in the process of feeling beauty, appreciating beauty and creating beauty, which not only allows the female employees to enhance communication and cultivate their sentiments, but also allows everyone to harvest the elegant skill of flower arrangement. , to enhance the aesthetic taste of art, to achieve the purpose of "happy mood, happy work".