Youyi Feinuo held the 2021 annual commendation meeting

On the afternoon of January 25th, Zhejiang Youyi Feinuo Umbrella Co., Ltd. held the 2021 annual summary and commendation meeting in the multi-functional hall on the first floor. In accordance with the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control, body temperature was measured, masks were worn, and the staff at the meeting were in addition to company leaders and award-winning representatives. In addition to participating, DingTalk online live broadcast will be used.

Ms. Lv Miaofen, the chairman of the board, gave a New Year's speech. She first expressed her New Year's wishes to all employees and their families! I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the staff for their hard work over the past year! In the past 2021, with the united efforts of all employees, the company has withstood the severe financial environment and the actual test of the epidemic with tenacious struggle and selfless dedication. In the face of the sharp upward pressure on raw materials, the company actively communicated and faced difficulties. In the face of the sudden outbreak of the new crown epidemic, all Fino people responded calmly, worked together, and worked together to build a steel defense line to stop the epidemic, and adhere to the company's "small door" to ensure zero outbreaks. She has made arrangements and requirements for the work in 2022. She requires that in the new year, the principle of "people-oriented" should be unswervingly implemented, and "people-oriented" should be the most basic management concept, and comprehensively infiltrate and integrate it into daily operation and management. Go in practice. We call on all employees of Youyi Feinuo to go all out to meet challenges with a high sense of responsibility and a strong sense of mission, and to create brilliant together with one heart and one mind!


At the award ceremony, Mr. Xu Jianshu, the company's deputy general manager, praised the company's twenty-year-old employees, ten-year-old employees, "advanced workers", "excellent employees", "anti-epidemic pioneers", "anti-epidemic advanced individuals" and "anti-epidemic advanced individuals". A total of 66 award-winning employees including "The Most Beautiful Anti-epidemic Volunteer" read out the "Order of Commendation" and awarded the "Special Contribution Award" to 20-year-old employees, each with a reward of 10,000 yuan; 10-year-old employees "Special Contribution Award", each person The reward is 3,000 yuan. This year is the eighth batch of twenty-year-old employees and the fourteenth batch of ten-year-old employees. The company has so far received awards for 30 twenty-year-old employees and 150 ten-year-old employees.

The company does not forget to give back to the society when it grows and develops itself. The company has always been keen on public welfare undertakings, and at the same time, it also actively cares for employees and pays attention to employees in difficulty. At the meeting, some employees in difficulty were given cash condolences.

Miao Jinyun, an employee of the Export Department, who has been rated as an "advanced worker" for many times, took the stage to speak. After more than ten years of hard work, she has grown from the most basic level to today's middle-level cadre, which is inseparable from the cultivation of the company and leaders. Paying is also worth learning from all employees! Is a model of advanced workers!

Finally, there is the draw. This year, in order to further motivate the non-local employees, there will be 5 special prizes worth 2,000 yuan, 10 first prizes worth 1,000 yuan, 20 second prizes worth 500 yuan, 70 third prizes worth 200 yuan, and 200 lucky prizes worth 100 yuan. and other awards, the winning rate is over 60%, making employees happy for the New Year!

Although the commendation meeting was simple, the enthusiasm of the employees remained undiminished. It is believed that in 2022, with the joint efforts of all employees, Youyi Feinuo will be able to overcome difficulties and achieve greater and more brilliant achievements.