Fulfill corporate responsibilities with a charitable heart ——Remember "Love Entrepreneur" Lv Miaofen

"How is the old man's health?" "How is the meal?" Lv Miaofen, the chairman of Youyi Feinuo, took the old man's hand and asked carefully. This kind scene happened in the fourth team of Lianhai, Songxia Street. On the occasion of the Spring Festival, Dong Lv and senior executives Dai Yuying and others distributed care funds for the elderly over 70 years old and families in difficulty in the fourth team of Lianhai.


The Youyi Feinuo Care Fund for Respecting the Elderly and Helping Poor Neighbors is funded by Lv Miaofen, Chairman of Zhejiang Youyi Feinuo Umbrella Co., Ltd. In January 2022, RMB 1 million (an annual interest of RMB 40,000 is used for the Spring Festival care for the elderly and the living allowance for families in need) ) was established and managed by the Youyi Feinuo Red Cross Society. Lv Hanchao and Lv Xinyan participated together to provide living allowances for the fourth team of Lianhai Village, Songxia Sub-district.

The tree is thousands of feet tall

In Lv Miaofen's mind, drinking water and repaying the society are the original intention and responsibility. With the heart of serving the hometown and supporting the development of public welfare undertakings for the elderly, as early as 2015, the "Songxia Town Youyi Feinuo Cares for the Elderly Public Welfare Fund" was established. The above-mentioned elders offer condolences in the two seasons of Old Man's Day and Spring Festival. Over the past six years, more than one million yuan in condolences has been distributed.

An entrepreneur's philanthropy

Some people say that there are three umbrellas in the world, and one is made in Songxia. Lv Miaofen forged ahead in the tide of reform and opening up, innovation and entrepreneurship, witnessed the development history of the umbrella industry in Songxia, China's umbrella city, and wrote a rich chapter in the development history of this umbrella industry. She has never forgotten her original intention and inherited her ingenuity. She has been dedicated to the umbrella industry for more than 30 years. She has built a little-known family workshop-style factory into a brand umbrella enterprise with a certain international reputation, and has become the leader of more than 1,500 umbrella manufacturers in Songxia Street. Leading goose. 

While the company continues to develop, Lv Miaofen is enthusiastic about public welfare, pays attention to people's livelihood, and actively does charity work for her hometown. So far, she has donated more than 6 million yuan to help Songxia build bridges and pave roads, and successively assisted in poverty alleviation activities in Shangyu, pledged to the Shangyu Women's Development Fund, and established Songxia Town Youyi Feinuo Women's Development Fund and Elderly Care Fund. And Xia Chengzun Primary School Award Teaching Scholarship Fund. This year, it pledged to donate 100,000 yuan to Shangyu Charity Federation.

Actively fight the epidemic to overcome the difficulties

When the national epidemic broke out in early 2020, Dong Lv donated 100,000 yuan on behalf of the enterprise to Shangyu Charity Federation, and led the company's leadership, party members and employees to make donations to the government, donate anti-epidemic materials, and wrote condolence letters to employees in Hubei who were severely affected by the epidemic.

In the past December, when the new crown epidemic struck Shangyu, Dong Lu, who was in Shanghai with Shangyu’s heart, immediately donated 100,000 yuan to prevent and control the epidemic. She said: “It is not easy to protect the enterprise, and it is even more difficult for the government to guard the streets. In a battlefield without gunpowder smoke, we will overcome the difficulties together."

It is praise and motivation

Recently, Ruan Xingxiang, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Two New Party Affairs Workers Association of Shangyu District, Shaoxing City, personally presented the company with a pennant issued by the Baiguan Sub-district Working Committee of Shangyu District, Shaoxing City and Baiguan Sub-district Office, Shangyu District, Shaoxing City. I would like to express my gratitude and praise for the volunteer service work in Shangyu epidemic prevention and control in December 2021.


The pennant is praise and motivation! After the resumption of work, Chairman Lv Miaofen personally supervised and strictly controlled safe production, and worked hard to fulfill the promise of "We will overcome difficulties together".

Red dynamic friendship, full of love Feinuo! Being charitable is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. We hope that more entrepreneurs and caring people will participate in philanthropy.